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We Create the Future of Business
Hi, I’m Hamish.
Hi, I’m Hamish.
I’ve created a few successful startups, and I know how hard it is.
Over the years, I’ve used a simple methodology to innovate and increase the chances of success. I started Thinklazy to help people like you to create the future of business.
Once we’ve helped you design that future, we can build it for you, whether it’s software, branding, websites or automation.
We Solve Customer Problems Through:
Find out what works fast.
Software and Apps
Create beautiful experiences; disrupt your industry
Web Development
From showcasing your business to selling online
Create automated sales funnels & work processes

Other Tools & Services

Product Management
Let us co-create your new product or service

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Branding and Logos
Make your brand speak to your customers

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Fast Website Hosting
Host your WordPress website with us for a 90+ page speed
Sales & Marketing Platform
Automate your customer acquisition

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our innovation process
our process
When you have an idea you need to validate quickly


Prototype your idea quickly


Build your solution in an agile way


Why We’re Called ThinkLazy
Your customers don’t want to read manuals or change the way they work to fit your product.
You might think they’re lazy, but, let’s face it, your customers have better things to do than figuring out how to use your product. That’s how we realized that, to innovate with purpose, you must think lazy.
A new feature is like sex. One mistake and you have to support it for life.
Case Studies / Recent Projects
CORRIE STOBIEProduct Delivery Manager -Metrix/Mercury
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ThinkLazy is working with Metrix on an important project that will help define the future of the electricity industry. At each stage Hamish and Maria have challenged our thinking and focused on the key customer painpoints. ThinkLazy has followed through on its promise and delivered an MVP that exceeded our expectations.
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Hamish facilitated our Partners retreat in 2016 where the challenge was to identify a clear vision for the firm and to set the future agenda for the business. Hamish was extremely good at challenging assumptions, and then distilling numerous ideas into a few clear concepts and action points. Hamish assisted our discussions through simple exercises that prompted the sort of conversations we needed to have, in an enjoyable but very focused way. Hamish’s style is very effective for creating a consensus. We have continued to work with Hamish to help implement our vision.
PETER ARMSTRONGGeneral Manager - Mitton ElectroNet Ltd / Westpower Group
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Initially I was unsure about the workshop, but now I can see how it helped refocus the leadership team. We didn’t know much about MVP and Lean Startup and now these concepts are fast becoming part of our day to day thinking. The workshop helped us firm up our direction and a establish a vision that we now use as a guide in our business. Overall the work we did with ThinkLazy was both useful and practical and I look forward to working again in the future.
SHAY WRIGHTCo-founder, Te Whare Hukahuka
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ThinkLazy was an extremely useful sounding board for our strategy around an online platform project. They challenged our thinking and always brought us back to the basics of having a clear goal, develop a minimum viable product and start user testing early. We appreciated their flexibility in working to our deadlines and bringing in varied expertise to contribute ideas. I recommend engaging with ThinkLazy if you are seeking experience and pragmatism coupled with creative thinking and lean approaches to innovation.