Hamish Nuttall

Innovation, Startup Thinking and Regulation

Customer Focus vs. Changing the rules; it’s not Either Or In the 2000s, the startups that became Unicorns (with $1bn values) created whole new markets. Google created an online auction for advertising (Adwords) that generates $US95bn in advertising. Facebook created an interest-based advertising engine with $US33bn in annual revenue. Meanwhile Amazon, which started of selling …

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Techweek debate: Corporates, Startups and Innovation

Is the key to innovation for corporates partnering with startups or is there more to it?   On 24 May 2018, I was fortunate enough to participate in a Techweek debate organised by Pixel Fusion. The topic was “The key to successful corporate innovation is corporates partnering with startups”. Luckily, to suit my rebel personality, …

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You’ve Found the Customer Painpoints. What Next?

A key step in our process is identifying customer painpoints with our customers. We are always talking about finding customer painpoints but, once you have done that, what next? During our innovation workshop, after we have agreed and listed all the customer’s problems, there is usually a big “Aha” moment as the participants realise the …

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