A Shout out from Jono Broom, Founder of Bean Merchant.

I grabbed my daily coffee this morning and I turned on the radio. Two mundane routines right?

But what I was not expecting was to hear one of our clients telling Kathryn Ryan on National Radio how we had built his e-commerce system and automated selection algorithm and how much he enjoyed working with our team!

Last year we started working with Jono on his project of delivering a personalised coffee to your door. He understands your needs, listens to what you want and he delivers just that! It’s the whole personalised, set and forget focus that is very dear to my heart.

We helped him with branding, developing the system and the quiz and we built the website. We absolutely loved working with Jono and we love his concept.

So I want to give my shout out to say thank you Jono for working with us and if you like coffee, check them out here.

Check out the interview here.

Thank you again, Jono for working with us and for the kind words!

Chat soon,