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We make sure your business is visible, relevant, and attractive to customers who are searching for your product

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About Us

Customers have changed how they buy.

Businesses are challenged and need help translating how they sell to the web, understanding customers' problems and what customers are looking for (for example the business may think they sell “fastening devices” but customers are looking for “screws”).

That is why creating a website should not be undertaken lightly.

We don't just create websites.

We understand your customer journey and what you want them to do (e.g. buying your product or service).

It's the lazy approach because let's face it, we all have better things to do than figuring out how to find you or to buy your stuff.

What we do: Website Development, Web Development, Content Management Systems, Customer Journeys, User Experience

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Why Us

An effective website needs a purpose. We focus on building the right website to solve your problems


We are big on why

We encourage you to think about your why. When the purpose is clear, we can make websites more effective.


Customer-Centric Approach

We focus on solving the right problems and we ask the right questions before we start work, resulting in less work for you (so you can go on doing what you like doing).



We have streamlined processes. Therefore, you know what is coming and when.



We provide support after delivery, with marketing strategy, conversions, search engine optimisation, Adwords, Facebook marketing; and maintenance.

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Included in Every Website We Build


Search engine friendly

To be found in search engines you must have the right keywords, tags and be search engine friendly.


Fast load time

No one has time to wait around. So optimised images, scripts, CSS and HTML will really improve how fast your website opens.



Of course, it will work on all devices with large or small screens. Google penalises you if your website doesn't work well on mobiles.


Designed to work in areas of poor internet connectivity

When the internet is not good, you still want your customer to be able to see what is important on your website.


Analytics platform

We build in tools to measure what visitors are doing on your website so you know what is working and what isn't.



We install a security (SSL) certificate. This is essential for Google these days.

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The lazy process



  • We understand your vision and your customer needs with a detailed questionnaire. We also collect your content upfront and/or create the content for you if needed;

  • Together we agree on the functionality that meets your customer needs;



Following agreement of the brief, we will present an initial design. After feedback, we will deliver a second iteration. The final design will be based on your feedback again;



  • We incorporate the features that all websites should have as standard, such as analytics (example metrics: conversion rate, Loyalty, Recency, Length of Visit, Depth of Visit;

  • After delivery, we provide training and a manual (for updating content);


We also can help you with

  • Marketing Strategy: Implementing your marketing plan (SEO, SEM, EDM);

  • Learn & Measure: Measure the results, learn with them and make recommendations;

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