The Netflix Effect: Personalised Disrupts Business

Remember when you went to a video store and had to choose from their massive range. Of course, there were staff picks, but it was really hard to know whether you would like something without reading lots of reviews.

Then Netflix came along, with its personalised selection. Now you could watch whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Not only that, Netflix learned what you liked and recommended similar shows.

VCRs were incremental technology. Netflix is disruptive.

I remember when I first heard about Netflix. It was hard to use (hard to get it onto your TV), and quite limited. But once I started, I haven’t looked back. That’s the essence of disruptive technology.

In its first iteration, it is a bit rough around the edges, but once you try it, you wonder why it wasn’t always like that.

Our children couldn’t imagine waiting for a show to be “on”. They watch what they want, when they want.

At ThinkLazy, one of the things we do is think about what a disruptive technology looks like in an industry. And last year we took a look at how people bought wine.

You see, we think buying wine is like renting a video. You can go into a wine shop, and browse the huge “catalogue”, and hope that the bottle you pick up is to your tastes.

Or you can join a wine club, and get sent a box of wine that the experts have picked “for you“ – you can choose a box of red or a box of white, but everyone basically gets the same wine (often the wine that has been discounted).

Until now.

Because we’ve created the Netflix of wine.

A curated selection – individual as your fingerprint – handpicked and delivered to your door.

Winedab handpicks wine for each of its customers – nobody gets the same box, because each selection is based on the personal taste of the member.

On Monday when I got home I saw my Winedab wine box. Opened the box and some exciting-looking wines there. As a receiver, it’s quite exciting seeing what’s there knowing they were picked with my taste in mind. I definitely recommend it – Steve, Waiheke Island”

If you’re curious and you’d like to try Winedab, I’m happy to give you a discount: 15% off for 2 months.

Just use the code: HAMISHFRIEND15

Call it market research. We also would love to hear your feedback!

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