Prioritisation Workshop

Executing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

This is where we get into the details – features and functionality – that will ensure success. We will identify all the features of the solution that are required to make it work. Using plenty of black hat thinking, we identify reasons why the solution won’t work, and overcome them.

Once all of the features have been identified, we prioritise them based on dependency and impact.

A key element of this phase is to identify “low hanging fruit” – actions which we can all agree will improve performance – and therefore do not need to be tested.

Duration: 3-4 Hours
Outcome: Prioritised Feature List (Backlog)

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We test and measure everything we do

Our Promise

We will use best practices as we develop software to deliver fast results, generate engagement and conversion and provide scalability and robustness.

  • We will use our own experience to challenge the design and encourage you to deliver quickly.
  • We will come to you with evidence and solutions.
  • We will work collaboratively.
  • We will keep a laser focus on the goal.
  • We will continually look for ways to de-risk.
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We will keep a laser focus on the goal

Your Commitment

Keep open communication.

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