Discovery Workshop

From Identifying the Problem to Ideation, to Defining the Solution

Whether you are starting up, or running an established business, this workshop will answer the questions: what key painpoints do you need to overcome to win customers and build a successful business, and what key things do you need to do differently.

We’ll analyse the data, identify customers’ problems, root causes, and roadblocks to conversion (turning prospects into clients/customers).

Note: Even if your team has a very good idea on what has to be done, and has a proposed solution, we will conduct our own research and challenge the team. The result either confirms what the team has proposed or might show a different direction. We like working with teams that are prepared to work in a challenging and also collaborative environment.
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Outcome: Agreement on Key Customer Problems, Root Causes and Breakthrough Solution

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Solve customers’ painpoints to create huge competitive advantages for you

Our Commitment

We come to the Workshop with

  • A thorough understanding of your industry, its challenges and opportunities
  • Examples of different business models and structures that will generate new ideas, and extend existing ideas
  • Challenges for you to gain deep insights and understand the root causes
  • Help for you find at least one breakthrough solution on the day
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Be prepared to be challenged Be open to moving quickly

Your Commitment

Be honest about the challenges you are facing, and include people in the workshop who are close to the customer.
Be prepared to be challenged.
Be open to moving quickly.

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