Innovation, Startup Thinking and Regulation

Customer Focus vs. Changing the rules; it’s not Either Or In the 2000s, the startups that became Unicorns (with $1bn values) created whole new markets. Google created an online auction for advertising (Adwords) that generates $US95bn in advertising. Facebook created an interest-based advertising engine with $US33bn in annual revenue. Meanwhile Amazon, which started of selling …

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Techweek debate: Corporates, Startups and Innovation

Is the key to innovation for corporates partnering with startups or is there more to it?   On 24 May 2018, I was fortunate enough to participate in a Techweek debate organised by Pixel Fusion. The topic was “The key to successful corporate innovation is corporates partnering with startups”. Luckily, to suit my rebel personality, …

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