We’re asking for your help to combat intolerance, and provide opportunities to marginalised communities

2 weeks ago in Christchurch, 50 innocent people were murdered and 48 were injured, when they were in their place of worship.

Were you shocked? Were you surprised?

If you are in the ethnic and cultural majority, you may not be aware of the everyday racism that minorities face. Whether it be in shops, on the street, or in the media.

Daily micro-aggressions faced by ethnic or religious minorities, whether they are Maori, Pasifika, Asian or Muslim are the fuel that leads to greater acts of aggression, that eventually leads to what happened in Christchurch on the 15th of March.

Small aggressions lead to bigger aggressions.

As many of you are aware, daily casual racism is everywhere.

So, yes, I was shocked, But I am not surprised. And it is clear no Muslims are surprised.

Because small aggressions lead to bigger aggressions.

Unless we say it’s not ok.

After the tragic events of Christchurch, and talking about what happened, it has become clear to most of us that many communities in New Zealand are marginalised. While the majority have access to training and ideas, many minorities find it difficult to access.

We wanted to do something – however small – about it.

One of the ways of reducing discrimination is to improve opportunity.

We want to help improve access to innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to anyone. We want to provide support and a framework for those who lack it for any reason (discrimination due to religion, ethnicity, life circumstances, gender, etc).

We want to help diversify innovation in New Zealand. We believe anyone can come up with a breakthrough solution, and improving access to these tools can improve opportunities. And that is important.

We’re running a two day innovation workshop, in Auckland and Christchurch, aimed at individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. The workshop will help anyone who is interested in either being an entrepreneur or working in an innovative environment.

It will encourage an entrepreneurial mindset as well as providing the tools to take action. This is where we need your help: finding participants who will really benefit. If you know someone who might benefit from this, please share this article them, or email us at hello@thinklazy-staging.10web.me.

If you want to apply, fill your details in our application form now!

Asalaam alaikum.

Kia Kaha.