MVP or How to Test an Idea Without Breaking the Bank
You have a vision for your product or service, but you can’t be sure if people will buy it. In the old days, companies would bet millions of dollars on an idea – and many would fail. Now that the world is moving faster, the price of failure has become too high. 

So now, smart businesses are testing their product with their customers before it is fully built. They have a vision for how their product will turn out, but they build a minimum viable product (MVP) to test their idea. While the vision may be complete, the MVP is a thin, yet beautiful, slice through the final product. Building just this minimum feature set allows the business to test its ideas without committing large sums of money.

Starting with an MVP and testing it with actual customers means that you get to a saleable product more quickly, which improves ROI.

And your ROI is important to us; we don’t want to waste your money or hurt your cashflow by working on features that customers don’t want.