News flash: Customer Experience Matters. What does “Customer expectations are changing faster and faster” mean? Why does it matter to you? And why should you care?
Here is the picture: you’re a successful business. You know what your customers want and how to communicate with them. You also know that things are changing. Maybe your advertising is not quite as effective as it was, or you’ve noticed that customers are expecting higher levels of service for less money

Small red flags, maybe, but intuitively you realise that things are changing, and the way you interact with your customers needs to change also.

If you have seen any of those red flags, let me show you why you should care about customer experience with a story.

Around 50,000 years ago, human language was invented. The next communication innovation – writing – came 45,000 years later. With such a slow evolution in how humans communicated, individuals did not need to adapt their messages or style over their lifetime – in fact, what worked for your parents, would work for you and your children.

As you can see, things really changed at the beginning of the 20th Century with the invention of the first radio, then television. But notice that, even then, the pace of change was sufficiently slow that a communication paradigm would last an individual’s entire working life.

With the advent of the internet, and its attendant technologies and services, that has all changed. Social media means that customers have the power to control the conversation. Innovations in online customer experience are so rapid that what was seen as a good customer experience two years ago is out of date now.

Or, put another way, if your customer is 27 or younger, they don’t know a world without the world wide web (and to be fair I find very difficult to spend a day without internet).

The good news? The fundamentals haven’t changed. Great customer experience means identifying the challenges your customers have and solving them – the only difference is you must be much faster (much faster), or you will be left behind.

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